Ralph Johnson
22 Years of Design Patterns

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Bert Freudenberg
SqueakJS – Real Smalltalk in JavaScript

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Gilad Bracha
Utopia & Dystopia: Smalltalk & the Wider World

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Joe Yoder
Deliver Fast with Confidence

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Eliot Miranda
Lubrication and Flow

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Welcome! Every year, we meet in Argentina to share our passion for Smalltalk
in industry, education, and research environments. We’ve come a long way since we began in 2007. Today, Smalltalks is the premier Smalltalk conference of the Americas. This success belongs to everyone, thank you!

Smalltalks 2016 will debut a new conference space so that Smalltalk projects
can more easily connect to potential new team members. We hope this dedicated forum can facilitate making new connections within the community. Watch for the Show Us Your Company schedule slots.

Finally, these events are ultimately made possible by you, the audience. Please contact us if you have questions or suggestions. Thank you again, and see you at the conference.



In the vision of the foundation, an important issue is to support people interested in participating in Smalltalk-related conferences, such as Smalltalks, ESUG,
Squeakfest, to generate a stronger community that can continue our work in the future. Thus, with the fundings we get every year from private
companies and public institutions, we offer two kinds of scholarships:

Financial Help for Smalltalks conference

We support mainly University students and professors to come to Smalltalks. Our main goal is to generate contact between different University groups that can teach Object-Oriented Paradigm using Smalltalk dialects. This contact can generate concrete actions, such as exchanging of experiences or even books or written exercises of the different lectures.

Financial support for Argentinian students to participate in European conferences/stays

Under special conditions, we support Argentinian students to participate in ESUG Conferences or if they are interesting in spending three/six months in a research laboratory, where they can work with Smalltalks dialects in a research project.

Do you want to be host of conference?

Every year, FAST partners with local organizer who creates their own team to host the conference in their institution (usually, a University). The Foundation evaluates each opportunity taking into account the geographic location and the facilities available. With the Foundation’s mentoring, the local organizer acquires the know-how required to guarantee a successful event. In addition, local organizers can then build on the conference to develop their own sustainable resource network to enhance their participation in future community events



Sponsors and Donations

FAST is funded by private and public sponsors, non profit organizations, and individual donations. Thanks to these contributions, the Foundation
organizes its international events free of charge for everyone. The principal donors include the European Smalltalk User Group (ESUG), Ministerio de Ciencia,
Tecnología e Innovación Productiva de la Nación Argentina and numerous companies such as GemTalk Systems, Instantiations, Caesar Systems, 10 Pines, Smallworks, Mercap, and InfOil. Conferences are held at venues belonging to institutions such as University of Buenos Aires,
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Universidad Abierta Interamericana, and Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, among others.