A Collaborative Object Environment

One of the things that distinguish smalltalk from other widely used programming languages is the idea of an “Image”, a way of persisting the current state of the application, that enable us to see a computer program as a living persistent thing instead of a process that has to be reconstructed every time the application is opened. This approach is more consistent with the principles of the object-oriented paradigm, but it has a clear limitation when you have objects on different devices, since those objects cannot communicate with each other without an inter-process communication mechanism like sockets.

In this talk we’ll propose a solution to this problem built upon the technologies available today, introducing an object oriented programming environment, similar to an Smalltalk image, with distributed behavior and collaborative state.

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  • matias_teragni

    Matías Teragni

    Matías Teragni es un auxiliar de investigación en el Centro de Altos Estudios en Tecnología Informática de la Universidad Abierta Interamericana. Trabaja en el Grupo GIRA desarrollando tecnología para facilitar el uso de Robótica en Educación.