Data visualisation encompasses a set of techniques that help to understand collected information. Most of the existing tools are oriented to work on already collected and preprocessed data.
However, nowadays, the increasing amount of information available thanks to social networks, makes it necessary to visualise live and on the fly data. Existing tools does not offer the flexibility needed to dynamically explore these emerging data spaces.
In this talk we introduce a flexible visualisation tool oriented to live data streams, such as those provided by Twitter.
Smalltalk (Pharo) and Roassal play a key role in our tool as they provide the necessary dynamic environment that our approach requires.

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  • Agustin-Meriles

    Agustin Meriles

    I'm a Software Engineer since 2008, and I work managing Agile teams and designing OOP software for about 10 years, in a software development company. Currently working on my master's thesis, I'm using Smalltalk as the main language and platform to develop it. I've discovered Smalltalk about 3 years ago and I found a killer tool, that I enjoy using to test ideas and prototype.