How Smalltalk enables world record breaking performance

At Satellogic we faced the need to do real-time satellite image rectification on low power hardware. These strict requirements made us question conventional assumptions about high performance software. The real problem is learning about a complex technical domain, and effectively using this aquired knowledge. Smalltalk proved to be an outstanding tool to make this possible.

  • Juan-Vuletich

    Juan Vuletich

    Juan is the founder and lead developer of Cuis Smalltalk. He has been an active contributing member of the Squeak community since 1997, when he also adopted Smalltalk as his main environment and language both for work and personal projects. Juan has been programming since he was 14, and doing it professionally since he was 17. He holds an Ms.Sc. in CS from the University of Buenos Aires. For the last 4 years he has been working at Satellogic, doing Image Processing and related stuff in Smalltalk and other languages