Sometimes projects need to switch implementation languages. Rather than stopping software development and rewriting the project from scratch, behavior preserving transformation rules can map from the original language to the new language. These rules can be developed in parallel to standard software development, allowing the project to be cut-over without any loss of development time, once the rules are complete. This talk discusses the experiences of using such an approach on several migration projects over the past 18 years including one that converted 1.5 MLOC of Delphi to C# in 18 months while allowing the existing development to continue.

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  • John-Brant

    John Brant

    John Brant has over 20 years of program restructuring/refactoring experience. He is the co-author of the Smalltalk Refactoring Browser, the first widely-used refactoring environment for any computer language. He is also the co-author of SmaCC, a parser generator for Smalltalk. Recently, he has been using SmaCC to analyze, refactor, and migrate programs written in many different languages.