Algorithmic Composition (AC) is a well-known technic for creating music by using computers, either to assist the human composition process or to automatically create music. Such algorithms go from stochastic processes to evolutionary systems. A particular form of AC is about deriving music based on some existing source of data. For instance, it is possible to derive music from numbers, texts or even paintings by providing a well-defined mappping between one of such media and musical elements (melody, harmony, rhythm, etc.).
In this work, I studied some ways of deriving a musical composition based on Smalltalk code (methods, classes, projects, etc.) To achieve that, I have used Bee Smalltalk and developed a basic musical theory framework, with MIDI output support.

  • Guillermo-Amaral

    Guillermo Amaral

    I have been devoted to Smalltalk for more than 10 years. I have learned, used and enjoyed it throughout my entire professional career. I am currently working at Caesar Systems, an international company of software development for the upstream oil & gas industry. I have a Ms. Cs. in Computer Science at the University of Buenos Aires.