Meet Bee Dynamic Metacircular Runtime, Can It Be Faster Than Classic VMs?

Object-oriented (OO) languages are usually supported by Virtual Machines (VMs). For different reasons, those VMs are mainly implemented using static languages, allowing few changes at run-time and providing only weak integration with the languages that they support: the model of the VM is partially or not accessible at all from the OO language.

This talk presents a different approach, Bee, a Dynamic Smalltalk Runtime, written in Smalltalk. Our Runtime integrates the VM model into the application one, creating a single shared paradigm, which we call Dynamic Metacircular Runtimes (DMR). Unlike similar projects that implement self-hosted VMs in high-level languages, our DMR allows arbitrary code modifications at run-time. In this talk we will detail two key aspects of Bee: its optimizing native code compiler and its garbage collectors.

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  • Javier-Pimas

    Javier Pimas

    I'm a fan of high-level programming and development, specially high-level low-level programming. Learnt Smalltalk around 10 years ago and never came back. I've been working at Disarmista for 3 years, where I've been in charge of the development of Bee self-hosted VM with Gera Richarte and Javi Burroni. At the university, I teach about computer architectures, assembly and operating system programming.