Orbeon Forms (www.orbeon.com) is a Java application to rapidly design and deploy Web Forms (Orbeon is also a XForms engine). The Orbeon persistence layer support MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2 and eXist (a XML) dabase. Orbeon Persistence Layer is a set of RESTful services. The persistence layer for GemStone/S is a set of RESTful services implemented in the top of Seaside and GemStone/S that comply with all Orbeon persistence operations. In this way Orbeon Forms can be stored natively in GemStone/S.
The project is host in:
The source code is in:
Currently in process of duplicating the source code to github.
Project Extension and Road Map (https://github.com/brunobuzzi/OrbeonBridgeForGemStone/wiki):
* Persistence Layer for GemStone/S (done)
* BPM engine (90% done)
Includes a Bizagi Modeler reader to import Bizagi Process Models where each Bizagi Task is an Orbeon Form. The Bizagi Process is imported in GemStone/S as a Process Meta Model. GemStone/S do the execution of the entire process giving the control to Orbeon each a time a Form is needed.
Support execution of nested process and complex rule evaluation.
* Add hoc process engine (in development)

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  • Bruno-Buzzi-Brassesco

    Bruno Buzzi Brassesco

    My name Bruno Buzzi Brassesco and I'm a Software Engineer from Universidad Católica del Uruguay. Find Smalltalk in 1997 at University and working continuously with Smalltalk since 1999 (with Dolphin Smalltalk 3.0). Long time ago i ported the GemBuilder to Dolphin Smalltalk and around 2012 i started to work with GemStone/S continuously. Now the main project i'm working on is the integration of Orbeon and GemStone/S to build a BPM and Add Hoc process application. You can visit my github projects at: https://github.com/brunobuzzi. I also work at AGESIC a state agency in Uruguay.