Education faces more and more problems every day, and all programmers are educators of our users.
People’s attention is scarce. Science and technology require more and more specialization but also inter-disciplinary approaches and holistic viewpoints. Basic formation is poor. Information volumes are overwhelming.
Nevertheless, people are still learning. But now, learning and teaching assume forms different from those we used to know. We have different media, different technologies, and we need not only to adapt but also to take advantage of it.
I will present some possibilities and prototypes that I am using to refine and try new ways to train and educate our users.

  • Carlos-E-Ferro

    Carlos E. Ferro

    Carlos E. Ferro has worked as Senior Developer since 2005 in Caesar Systems, a leading company in the field of business simulation and decision support for the oil & gas industry. He works there under Leandro Caniglia and Valeria Murgia's leadership. Previously, he was a Smalltalk developer for InfOil (information services for petroleum companies) and Superintendencia de Seguros de la Nación (Argentine national insurance oversight board). He has a degree in Computer Science at the University of Buenos Aires where he was teaching assistant for 8 years in several courses - mainly Object Oriented Programming with Professor Máximo Prieto. From 1991 to 2000 he also worked on his own as software developer for several small and medium-sized companies.