In the talk we are going to share a bit what software components do we have in our satellites at Satellogic (where we work), discuss how and where do we use Smalltalk why we don’t on other areas, and try to explore the possibilities for Smalltalk in this industry.

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  • Gerardo-Richarte

    Gerardo Richarte

    Gerardo Richarte and Juan Vuletich have been Smalltalking for years. Juan is creator and maintainer of Cuis Smalltalk, and has been using Smalltalk to do signal analysis for a long time. Gerardo has worked a long time in information security, and Smalltalking here and there when possible. Both are part of a team that has been doing satellites for the last four years, and hope to keep doing it for a long time, expecting to launch their 4th and 5th early next year, and a bunch more in the following months.