Squeak/Etoys on Cog/Spur

The Squeakland version of Etoys has always been running on the “old” interpreter Squeak VM. Newer VMs like Cog and Spur are much faster, but since the object format changed, they could not load the ImageSegments of older Etoys projects. Also, the Squeak Trunk diverged a lot from the Squeakland version over several years. We are working on a new version of Etoys within the current Squeak Trunk image, which is still capable of loading the old projects, but a lot faster overall. The work is not finished yet but the beta version is already used in an Etoys online course in Germany.

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    Bert Freudenberg

    He is a freelancing software engineer working in Alan Kay's group since 2006. His work ranges from virtual machine technology to end-user authoring systems. Being a long-time Smalltalk developer he dig dynamic languages and live programming environments. Previously he worked at impara, building a 3D authoring system for children in Squeak. In his PhD research before that he created a real-time non-photorealistic 3D renderer (featured in the OpenGL Shading Language book)."