In any software life-cycle, Version Control Systems make the development process easier. However, this versioning tools have limitations like incompleteness and imprecision about the order in which the changes were made. To overcome these limitations, new change-oriented tools were developed based on a more accurate definition of change. In this talk, we’ll focus on the problem of performing commits that affect only one part of the system, which is known as the atomic commit convention. And we’ll see in action a tool prototype called Tracks, a test-driven solution to the atomic commit problem.

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  • Lucas-Godoy

    Lucas Godoy

    Lucas Godoy obtained a degree in Computer Science in Buenos Aires, Argentina (UBA). He wrote his graduate thesis during an internship in which he temporarily joined INRIA's RMod team. His area of research is object-oriented software evolution. He is also an experienced Java developer that worked in diverse software systems from clients in different parts of the world.