The Refactoring Browser was first released for VisualWorks Smalltalk on November 10, 1995. Since then it has been ported to most other Smalltalk implementations, and many other language IDEs have added refactoring support. Many programmers now use automated refactorings on a daily basis. However, refactorings are still not as widely used as they should be. This talk will examine some of the history of the Refactoring Browser as well as look at some of the newer program transformation tools in SmaCC.

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  • John-Brant

    John Brant

    John Brant has over 20 years of program restructuring/refactoring experience. He is the co-author of the Smalltalk Refactoring Browser, the first widely-used refactoring environment for any computer language. He is also the co-author of SmaCC, a parser generator for Smalltalk. Recently, he has been using SmaCC to analyze, refactor, and migrate programs written in many different languages.