Utopia & Dystopia: Smalltalk & the Wider World

When Smalltalk was invented, it was decades ahead of its time. Forty years on, it is still a great improvement on almost all its successors, as Hoare said of Algol. Smalltalk is a vision of utopia, divorced from the dystopian realities of the world at large. Smalltalk predates MacOS, iOS, Android, web browsers, Windows, cybercrime and cyberwar. How can Smalltalk evolve to thrive in the cut throat environment it finds itself in? Portability, interoperability, deployment, security and performance need to be taken seriously. We will discuss not only problems and challenges but solutions, which must be held to the the same standard of excellence set for us when Smalltalk was created. This is much easier said than done, but it is essential if we are to keep Utopia alive.

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    Gilad Bracha

    Gilad Bracha is the creator of the Newspeak programming language and a software engineer at Google where he works on Dart. Previously, he was a VP at SAP Labs, a Distinguished Engineer at Cadence, and a Computational Theologist and Distinguished Engineer at Sun. He is co-author of the Java Language Specification, and a researcher in the area of object-oriented programming languages. Prior to joining Sun, he worked on Strongtalk, the Animorphic Smalltalk System. He received his B.Sc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Ben Gurion University in Israel and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Utah.