VEO is an all-visual software development environment which I have presented in previous Smalltalks conferences. VEO expands and empowers the essential capabilities of Smalltalk, making them visual, intuitive and highly interactive. It uses “on the fly” writing and uses live expressions, allowing us to send, evaluate and animate messages and instance variables. It also enables us to write source code in the context of an object (Live Programming). VEO is entirely developed in Smalltalk.

In this talk I will first show how VEO is conceived and developed to make the programing experience visual, allowing us to see, follow and modify at all times the live code that is being executed. Then, we will see how some of the VEO frameworks are programmed in order to achieve the maximum expressiveness, predictability and transparency with the minimum of notions and conventions. The idea behind VEO is that the programmer can focus on expressing his ideas and seeing how they work, without being side-tracked (or impaired) by technological problems related to the environment or visual interfaces. I will finish by showing an implementation of VEO for the PetroVR suite.

  • Adrian-Soma

    Adrian Soma

    I started programming professionally in 1987, 28 years ago. I have always been interested in problems inherent to programming itself and most of all user interface problems. I first became acquainted with Smalltalk in 1996 and have been using it ever since. The first application I developed was an interactive chess course, for which I created my own graphic object system; this was the first antecedent of the Visual Environment VEO that I have been researching and developing since 2006. Other hobbies I have are classical music (I play the piano), paddle (similar to tennis) and athletics. I also dance salsa, rhumba and other latin rhythms.